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Made to Integrate
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  Made to Integrate

TeleTrack Scheduling will integrate all aspects of your Home Care business.

Consider the following:

Marketing - Spectrum Scheduling offers an integrated Referral Source module. The system
  allows your marketing person to maintain Referral Source profiles, maintain detailed notes,
  and schedule contact reminders.

Sales - Prospective Clients are managed in their own database. Each Prospect has their
  own notes and contact Reminders. Prospects can be converted to active Client status with
  a single mouse click.

Administration - Maintain individual Client visit plans, create weekly calendars with a single
  mouse click, and view all field activity from a single web page. Create notes, manage
  reminders, and update visit information in real time. Manage all aspects of your business in a
  single system.

Document Storage - Assessments and Plan of Care can be scanned or faxed directly into a
  client’s TeleTrack database. Now you can access these documents from any where at any

Communications - Record individual Caregiver or group voice messages. Each Caregiver
  must listen to the messages when they clock into TeleTrack. TeleTrack will maintain a record
  of when messages are received.

Accounting - TeleTrack Scheduling Integrates with QuickBooks for both Payroll and Billing.


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