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Simple to Use
Simple to Use
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  Simple to Use

TeleTrack Scheduling is truly simple to operate. The screen layouts have been designed by experienced end users, not software engineers.

Consider the following:

• Easy to Learn - All aspects of the Scheduling System can be learned by observation.
  Gone are the days or pouring over manuals and help menus.

• Fast Set Up - Many TeleTrack Users begin programming their new Scheduling System
  right after their first demonstration. Many are up and running the same day.

• Speed and Accessibility - Almost all screens can be accessed in two mouse clicks or less.

• Caregiver & Family Member Access - Both Caregivers and Family Members can view
  schedules through their own private passcode protected web access.

• Telephony Interface / Late Notices - TeleTrack allows you to monitor Caregiver clock-ins
   in real time  from your own private web site. TeleTrack will notify you of any late arrivals.
   Virtually no Caregiver training is required.

• QuickBooks Integration - TeleTrack data downloads seamlessly into QuickBooks for both
   Payroll and Billing. Spectrum’s experienced staff can assist you with all aspects of this


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