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Smartphone Friendly
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  Smartphone Friendly

In today’s world, operating a successful Home Care business is a 24/7 proposition. Even during so-called business hours, many administrators find themselves in the field taking care of business.

For this reason, all TeleTrack Scheduling screens have been designed to operate in a mobile environment. Mobile can mean Smartphone, Tablet,
or both.

Consider these mobile applications:

Mobile TeleTrack Operation - All pertinent TeleTrack data can be accessed in two mouse
  clicks or less. View field activity, update schedules, post notes, check reminders, or call a
  client. All at your fingertips.

Late Arrival Notices - Receive late Caregiver arrival notices on your mobile device as e-mails,
  text messages, or both.

On Call - The “On Call” person has access to everything. The result is fast action that can
  save visit hours, improve customer service, and increase the number of referrals that you

Calling Clients, Caregivers, or Referral Sources - TeleTrack maintains a list of all your
  important telephone numbers. Find the telephone number, touch the screen of your
  Smartphone, and the number is ringing.

Internet Backup - Everyone has had the internet go down at one time or another. If you have a
  Tablet with internet access, the device can act as a back up to the office internet for TeleTrack
  Scheduling access. You can do the same with a Smartphone.

Efficient Marketing - Your marketer can utilize TeleTrack’s Referral Source module to track
  appointments, keep notes, set reminders, and locate additional Referral Sources in a specific
  area of the city. All from their mobile device.


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