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Proven Value
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  Proven Value

TeleTrack Scheduling will increase your revenue in the following ways.

Selling New Prospects - TeleTrack Telephony will become your best selling tool. While your
  competitors hope Caregivers show up on time, you can tell prospective Clients that you have   
  the ability to monitor Caregiver arrivals in real time.

Reduce Lost Visits - TeleTrack will alert you when Caregivers fail to arrive at an assignment.
  You now have the ability to save that visit with an on call Caregiver.

Reduced Administrative Hours - The TeleTrack Scheduling System will significantly reduce
  your administrative work load. TeleTrack is like having another person in the office. No more
  tabulating time sheets, going to the files for records, or calling to check on Caregivers. Now
  the staff can focus on business development and customer service.

Improved Cash Flow - No more waiting for time sheets in order to get the billing out.
  TeleTrack clock ins provide the data necessary to get your billing out on a timely basis.
  Missed call ins are highlighted and can be updated the same day with a few mouse clicks.

Improved Accuracy - Many hours of billing can be lost when transposing data from time
  sheets to QuickBooks. With TeleTrack, it is almost impossible to miss billing an assignment.
  In addition, TeleTrack provides the ability to bill down to the minute.

$$$$$$$$$$$$! - TeleTrack Scheduling will bring about discipline, accountability, and
  professionalism in your business that is difficult to achieve any other way. This is all converts
  to bottom line dollars.


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